Keno is similar to Bingo. A player will place a bet on one or several numbers on the Keno board. A dealer, known as the “caller,” will then draw a number. If the numbers match, the player wins that round. Shockwave Keno is played exactly like Keno with an added twist.

In Shockwave Keno the Keno board is electronic and will randomly send a shockwave through the board. This shockwave gives players more chances to win. If a player’s number is chosen when the shockwave starts, the player’s bet is automatically increased.

Shockwave Keno is a popular game to play at the casino while players are waiting for a spot at a poker table or an open slot machine. Often, a caller will take number bets for several rounds and call the winning number over the loud speaker, so players have the option of playing more then one Texas Holdem Poker game at a time.

How Do I Play Shockwave Keno?

Shockwave Keno is one of the easiest games to play in a casino. A player can join in a round by placing a bet with the caller on one or several numbers. There are 80 numbers on the Shockwave Keno board to choose from.

Players are given one chance to up their bet on any of the numbers they have selected for that round, before the game begins. Once all bets have been finalized, the caller will select a keno ball from the board. While the ball is dropping through the board, if the shockwave is initiated a player has a chance to increase their bets. Shockwave bets are often doubled in most Fire Power Keno casinos.

To play shockwave keno at an online casino the player will select every number they want to bet on the playing board, out of the eighty numbers featured on the playing board. The player can choose to bet on as many, or as few, numbers as they wish. When the player has finished their selections they have the option of raising their bet on an individual numbers, or all their numbers or they can choose to keep their bet as it is and start their game.

How Does Betting Work in Shockwave Keno?

Betting is simple in Shockwave Keno. A player must first choose one, or several, of the eighty numbers on the Keno board. Once the numbers are chosen, the player will give them to the caller and place a minimum bet on each number. Playing Poker Online has the option of raising their bet higher then the minimum on any number they have chosen.

Betting is won when the Keno ball lands on a number the player has selected. Players are paid on betting scales according to the casino. These scales should be listed right next to the Shockwave Keno board.


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